Innovative Technology in Anti-aging

NAD+ declines with age


The level of NAD+ starts decreasing in the 30s. When a person reaches the 60s, the level of NAD+ is less than a quarter compared with young people, which means the efficiency of metabolism decreases at the same time; aging-related health conditions appear. NMN is the ideal supplement to restore NAD+.


The Mechanism of NMN in Anti-Aging

1.Supporting NAD+ level

2.Activate SIRTUINS

3.Repair damaged DNA

4.Boost metabolism and  increase energy level

5.Promote blood vessel repair. maintain vascular elasticity  

6.Help weight management

7. Promote heart health

8.Promote brain health

9.Improve insulin sensitivity

10.Incresed bone mineral density upporting healthy eyesight 

Scientific proof benefits