Why ROCitin?

German technology with safety certification


The German pharmaceutical Plant, founded in 1933, has a history of nearly a century for medical research and development. It is the highlight of German pharmaceutical industry.
(I)The production environment is certified by various international standards such as GMP, HACCP, and ISO 9001.
The product is manufactured in Germany, and fully meet the safety standards of SGS Switzerland, a third-part authoritative testing agency.

Recommended by Rockefeller 


ROCitin NMN – anti-aging in a scientific way 
Mr. Rockefeller, chairman of the Rock Orient Foundation and fifth-generation successor of the Rockefeller family, highly recommends this product!
"I am particularly grateful to ROCitin NMN for its effect of keeping my body function and muscle tension in a very good status."
Chairman of Rock Orient Foundation
Mr. Steven C. Rockefeller Jr.