Prevention of loss of function and improvement of fatigue in the elderly

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Several scientific studies have shown that NAD+ levels in the body can be effectively supplemented by ingesting NMN. Scientists are also working on various clinical studies of NMN, and new human test results emerge in an endless stream, which strongly confirms the effectiveness and safety of NMN. Aging brings more harm than you might think:





The functions of human tissues and organs gradually degenerate with age, and cell damage or stress can also lead to cell senescence, which in turn leads to dysfunction of various tissues.

1、Mitochondrial-produced oxidants accumulate with aging, causing oxidative damage that further accelerates cellular and tissue aging. In particular, age-related mitochondrial DNA deletion mutations accumulate in skeletal muscle, leading to fiber atrophy, decreased muscle mass, and dysfunction. Decreased muscle and physical function in older adults may further contribute to geriatric syndromes such as sarcopenia and frailty. In addition, the lack of physical activity and deterioration of physical function caused by aging can also lead to fatigue.


2、Fatigue is closely related not only to dullness and depression, but also to cognitive impairment and sleep disturbance.

Chronic fatigue can not only lead to sleep disturbances and other sleep problems such as sleep latency, nighttime awakenings, and premature awakenings, but it can also lead to physical dysfunction and lack of exercise. While hypnotic medications can be used to address these sleep disturbances, they may cause side effects such as increased risk of falls and decreased cognitive function. The American Academy of Geriatrics advises older adults to avoid sleeping pills, as long-term dependence on drugs such as sleeping pills may have adverse secondary health effects.


3、Increased physical or mental fatigue in older adults further reduces physical activity and function and increases the likelihood of disease and mortality.

Because the deterioration of the health status of older adults exhibits progressive changes, ranging from risk factors, emergence of disease or injury, functional loss, disability, and death, effective interventions are important to improve their physical activity, fatigue, and early sleep quality. Studies have shown that NMN effectively activates aging-related sirtuin genes, which can delay the physiological dysfunction caused by aging. Therefore, the Japanese study explored the effects of time- dependent intake of NMN over 12 weeks on sleep quality, fatigue, and physical performance in elderly Japanese in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study.




Safety of NMN approval


In the field of scientific research, NMN has become a good medicine to solve a variety of aging problems, but for ordinary people, the first concern is always - is it really safe to take NMN for a long time?


In this study, the NMN group took 250 mg/day for 12 weeks, and the supplement intake rate was over 95%. Furthermore, this study does not appear to have any quantitative issues compared to previous studies, nor does it report adverse effects from ingesting NMN.


In 2019, Junichiro Irie et al. of Keio University School of Medicine in Japan published the results of the first human clinical trial of NMN, proving that a single oral dose of 100mg, 250mg and 500mg of NMN can be efficiently metabolized by the human body without side effects.



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