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In July 2021, the Chinese NMN research team announced the results of the world's third NMN-related human clinical trial, which once again verified the effectiveness of NMN in improving the body's ability. The study was conducted at the Guangzhou Sport University Key Laboratory of Exercise and Health Promotion and approved by the Guangzhou Sport University Ethics Committee. The trial participants were 48 healthy amateur runners recruited by the Guangzhou Pearl River Running Team, including 40 males and 8 females, aged 27-50 years old, with regular exercise habits for 1-5 years. None of the participants smoked, drank coffee or alcoholic beverages, and had no prior medication or nutritional supplements.


 1    Research:



A six-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial with 48 participants. Participants were randomly divided into four groups (10 male participants and 2 female participants in each group): low-dose group (300mg/day NMN), medium-dose group (600mg/day NMN), high-dose group (1200mg/day NMN) / day NMN) and control group (placebo). All participants were actively trained during the study by adhering to an exercise program that included 6 weeks of aerobic exercise (running and cycling), each lasting 40-60 minutes, and all participants were asked to run weekly 3-4 times, cycle 2 times a week. All participants did not change their eating and living habits and avoided caffeine during the study period. Cardiopulmonary function test (CPET) assessments were performed before the start of the trial and at the end of the six-week experimental intervention. A 12-lead ECG was recorded continuously during the test, and blood pressure, including systolic and diastolic, was measured every 3 minutes during cycling.


 2    Test results:



First, participants were supplemented with three doses (300, 600, and 1200 mg/d) of NMN during a 6-week exercise training program, and all participants received NMN or placebo as required during the intervention period, no Adverse events were


reported by participants, and the ECG during CPET exercise was unremarkable. Second, six weeks of aerobic exercise from low to high doses of NMN supplementation did not change body weight, FFM (fat mass), BMI (body mass index), or body fat percentage. Considering that the BMI and body fat percentages of the participants in this study were within the ideal range, BMI and body fat percentages are not expected to change much.

Third, 6 weeks of endurance exercise and NMN supplementation in amateur runners can increase VT1, oxygen uptake (VO2), and percent maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), and these results suggest that NMN supplementation can further Raise the ventilation threshold. In other words, NMN can improve the athletic ability of healthy adults. Assuming that it was difficult to speak out of breath before jogging for half an hour, then supplementing NMN can still breathe comfortably after 50 minutes of running, and hum a little tune. Does not change tone.





 3    Conclusion:



The results of this study show that exercise training combined with NMN supplementation can further improve the ventilatory threshold of amateur runners, and the ability of skeletal muscle to utilize oxygen in runners who take NMN is significantly improved, and the effect is more obvious at higher doses. Combining exercise training with NMN supplementation may be a novel and practical strategy to improve endurance performance in athletes.



In fact, as early as 2018, the mouse experiment has confirmed that NMN can enhance endurance and vitality, which is mutually confirmed with the conclusion that NMN can improve the oxygen utilization rate of athletes in the first human clinical experiment of NMN in China.


In 2018, a research team led by Professor David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School found that when 18-month-old mice were orally administered NMN for 2 months, the number and density of capillaries returned to the levels of young mice, and the muscle perfusion and Dissolved oxygen levels also increased, and the exercise endurance of aged mice increased by 58%-80%, and blood lactate levels decreased after exercise. The research results were published in the journal Cell.


It is believed that there will be more conclusions from animal experiments to be confirmed in NMN human experiments. Technology has changed the world, and it is expected that technology can empower human health and enable human beings to enjoy a higher quality of life!



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